Touring Programs:

Sultana-Music of the Sephardic Diaspora.
Led by woodwind virtuosos Nina Stern and Daphna Mor, SULTANA is a transporting journey through bazaars, kitchens, dance circles, prayer houses, and public squares. Mor and Stern literally breathe life into ancient forms, braiding together the rich musical traditions of the Sephardic diaspora through North Africa and the Ottoman Empire, inflecting the music with infectious Eastern rhythms, and uniquely steeping their performance in the art of improvisation.

Baladi- A Rhythmic Journey.
Recorder virtuosi" (NY Times) Nina Stern and Daphna Mor, together with percussionist/drummers Shane Shanahan (The Silk Road Ensemble) and John Hadfield (recently featured in Modern Drummer) present a performance with special emphasis on rhythm, highlighting Shanahan and Hadfield's cross-cultural styles and thrilling technique. Based on a program created for New York’s prestigious concert series “Music Before 1800," the repertory spans centuries, from 12th century Armenian chants to original 21st century improvisations. BALADI is a common Middle Eastern rhythm that becomes entirely uncommon in the hands of these dueling percussionists and recorder players, performing battle songs and dance music that dazzle across time and borders.

East of the River presents a new program, HAMSA, featuring music from the geographic regions of Andalusia, North Africa, the Ottoman Empire, and the Sephardic Diaspora. Based on music using the melodic modal system referred to as the Maqam, this program draws its listeners to the distinct beauty of and similarities between liturgical, folk, and Ottoman courtly music.

Sahel Medieval Meets Mandinka
East of the River, in a new program of Medieval estampies, monophonic songs, and traditional Mandinka kora music. Featuring Kane Mathis on Kora- Mendinka Harp tracing back to 14th century Mali.

In the spirit of the program’s title, Levantera, East of the River explores Medieval music of the Mediterranean and travels eastward through the Balkans to Armenia and the Middle East, exploring the earliest songs of those extraordinary cultures, together with their traditional dances — the origins of which go back centuries. In this program East of the River lends its in- novative blend of sounds to a fascinating and beautiful repertory much of which is little known to today’s audiences.